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"I was delighted to come upon this well crafted resource for use in our parish faith formation programs. Julie Dienno-Demarest has crafted a true gem in Continuing the Journey. Insightful and practical, it is written with a depth that easily invites the reader into conversation with one's own spiritual journey." — Kyle

"I loved this book! Julie did a wonderful job of simply guiding me to understand where I was on my faith journey and encouraging me to stretch and grow in my faith. This is a perfect book for small group study or someone just coming off a retreat. The personal stories and great analogies make it an easy read. Julie's references to doctrine and theological principles are current and easy to understand with her fresh perspectives and application to real-life situations. I would strongly recommend this for any church group or individuals looking to grow in their faith. What a great book!" — Katie

"Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is refreshing, thought-provoking, soul-searching, yet very down-to-earth and practical. I think this is a great book for any faith-sharing groups." — Jim


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