What does it mean to Live Out your Faith?


Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith draws you in with funny, touching and thoughtful stories. Then reflection questions connect your life experience to Catholic teaching. The format lends itself to engaging group discussions or soul awakening journaling, making it perfect for book clubs, follow-up after a retreat, or individual study.

It makes you think.


Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is substantive; it explains the wisdom of our Church teaching using Scripture and Tradition. It is accessible; it explains each topic clearly and quickly. It is engaging; it keeps your attention by covering a lot of material in a small amount of space.

It helps you learn.


Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is about living out your faith. It helps you put insights into action and challenges you to live as a disciple of Christ.

It helps you grow.

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About The Book

Continuing the Journey is about cultivating a lived faith. It is one thing to know about your faith; it is another to actually put insights into action and live as a disciple of Christ.

More About The Book

Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is structured as a workbook with brief chapters that engage readers in theological reflection. This approach invites the reader into a topic through reflecting on lived experience and explaining the wisdom our Church teaching offers with Scripture and Tradition.  Reflection questions will guide readers through appropriating the insights to their lives and committing to putting it into practice.

Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is written for those in need of the “new evangelization,” whether they are committed Catholics looking for “something more” or those who have, for whatever reason, strayed from the path of discipleship and find themselves in a place of earnest searching. Both groups will find this book valuable since it will be both pastorally accessible and theologically engaging.

Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is appropriate for individual reading and reflection or for group discussion and faith sharing.

Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is a resource that parishes can hand to retreatants who wish to continue that retreat experience by meeting, discussing, and learning in small groups.  With 28 brief chapters, readers can decide whether they want to read a-chapter-a-day for four weeks or spread it out over more time.

About Julie

Julie Dienno-Demarest is an educator and theologian with over 9 years of experience teaching in Philadelphia, Austin, and Washington. From 2008-2013 she was a contributing editor and primary author to Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division's High School Series.

In addition to a professional career in adolescent catechesis, Julie's volunteer ministry has been teaching adult and family catechesis. She lectures regularly and is an active participant in the ACTS retreat ministry.

Julie's first book, Living the Vision is a professional resource for developing service learning programs in Catholic high schools.

Julie Dienno-Demarest - the author


Here is what people are saying about Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith.


Still have questions? Here are few questions that are often asked about Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith

Is this book only for Catholics?

Anyone on the path of discipleship will find this book helpful. In addition to Scripture, references are made to Catholic teaching – Church documents and the Catechism of the Catholic Church – to assist Catholics in coming to better understand their faith. However, the topics themselves have a broad application to all Christians.

Is this a book for people who have been on a retreat?

Continuing the Journey is written for anyone looking to learn and grow in their faith. This is a great book for people who have just experienced an amazing retreat and are looking to continue that retreat experience. Others will find this book to be its own retreat experience.

Can I read this on my own?

Written as a workbook with questions for reflection, Continuing the Journey lends itself to independent reading. Space is provided for you to journal your answers to the questions.

Is it for groups?

Written as a workbook with questions for reflection, Continuing the Journey lends itself to group discussion. Groups and book clubs will easily be able to discuss responses without needing any additional “study guide.”

How quickly can/should I read this book?

There is a lot of substance packed into each chapter. Although the chapters are not difficult or lengthy in and of themselves, they will make you think. Busy individuals can easily read a chapter and take the time to answer the reflection questions within 15 minutes. Many people will not want to read more than a chapter a day so that they can spend time reflecting.

What pace is recommended for group discussions?

With brief 28 chapters, there are many options: groups can decide to commit to a chapter a day for four weeks. However, because many people will want to spend time reflecting and discussing, it is suggested that groups read and discuss four chapters a week for seven weeks. Monthly book clubs may find that it is most practical to read and discuss the first half of the book one month and the second half the next.


The reviews are in! Hear what parish directors think about Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith.

Julie Dienno-Demarest has crafted a true gem in Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith. Insightful and practical, it is written with a depth that easily invites the reader into conversation with one's own spiritual journey. I love the versatility that is inherent to this book: I envision sharing it with a parish young adult ministry, with individuals to continue the reflection that they started on a retreat, and with individuals that I meet with in Spiritual Direction as a way to help them be more attentive to God's call in their lives. Fantastic!

Kyle S. Turner, MA, STM, Director of Faith Formation at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church Denver, CO, and Founding Director of Spiritus et Spes, LLC

The most wonderful and blessed gift a retreat gives us the opportunity to remove ourselves from the day-to-day and be quenched with the soul-satisfying living water Jesus talked about in his conversation with the woman at the well. The down side is that--having had our parched souls quenched--we return to our daily lives and soon thereafter begin to feel that familiar thirst again. Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith, by Julie Dienno-Demarest, is a wonderful, post-retreat resource that is like bringing home a thermos full of living water from that retreat and getting to sip on it every day for the next month. Filled with rich nuggets of beautiful Catholic wisdom, yet written in a way that is easy to grasp, this resource is the perfect follow-up to any retreat.

Heidi Clark, Director of Adult Ministry St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church Houston, TX

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